Below are some of the events that we have attended annually: Oscars, Vanity Fair after party. Director's Guild Award Golden Globe, Emmy parties and other celebrity A-list functions.

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Dan and pal Ben at Vanity Fair after party.

Steven Spielberg and Dan at the Director's Guild Award Night where Steven Spielberg received a prestige lifetime achievement award
Dan, with friends at a premiere.
Dan with pal Tom Hanks at his Hollywood premiere party.
Dan with Quentin Tarantino at the Kill Bill Film Premiere party.
JLeno at an Oscar after-party.
Michael Duncan from the Green Mile.
Current Governor Arnold at a Hollywood priemiere
Dan and Chad Lowe with an "Oscar" !
Dan and LL Cool J
Benicio del Toro at his Oscar winner party
Jon Voight at a premier
Gweneth Paltrow's birthday party.
Brian Dennehy at the Golden Globe
 George Hamilton with Daniella Steel, best seller novelist
James Woods at a film premiere party.
Good friend Martin Sheen or the "Prez" from West Wing
Dan and JaRule on location on the set of "Fast and Furious"
Spending some time with Rod Stewart.
At Mr. Chow, Beverly Hills
Johnny Depp at Premiere
Tom Sizemore from Blackhawk Down & Heat at his Beverly Hills house
Nicole and Oprah at a premiere.
Tom at a Westwood Film Premiere after party
Bruce Willis at a Beverly Hills Bar-B-Q Pool party 
Johnny Depp at his Hollywood house part, Golden Globes Celebration (Pirates)  
Denzel Washington at Training Day premiere
Primier party of Kill Bill
  Dinero at Nobu in Malibu
Kevin Costner at a party - fundraiser, Beverly Hills 
Dan at his Big Bear retreat.
Dan at his Big Bear retreat.
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